2 Post Rack TV Stand

There are many ways to utilize 2 post racks. This customer demonstrates that it can even be used as a TV stand.

tv stand 1

tv stand 2

tv stand 3

(Photos and article courtesy of Casey H.)

By using a common 2-post relay rack, adjustable shelves, and the lowest profile TV wall mount I could find, I was able to create a very simple and clean replacement for an old, over-sized glass/metal stand. The look may not be for everyone, but I like the spartan setup and complete customization of shelves. For my entertainment needs, I run only a fanless Intel Core i5 NUC and a Chromecast. (plus a Synology NAS in another room)

Some neat features:
· Buy a rack-mount UPS and screw it right onto the stand
· Wires are held with black nylon cable clamps in the back
· The Monoprice wall mount has a locking security bar
· Plethora of 2-post rack shelves available on the market

Parts List:
· $140 Rack Solutions RELAY-RACK-24-B-12
· $65 Rack Solutions 2USHL-020HALF-13V
· $40 Rack Solutions 1USHL-022HALF-7US
· $27 Monoprice Low Profile Wall Mount Bracket #6523


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