2Post Conversion Kits

Problem You have a room full of 2Post Relay Racks, a bunch of servers, and boxes of 4Post Rail Kits. What are you going to do?

2Post Relay Rack KitSolution Convert your 2Post Racks into 4Post Racks using 2Post Conversion Kits.

Description on rails that have been attached to the 2U Conversion Kit.

The drawings above illustrate how to convert a 2 Post Rack into one that acts like a 4 Post Rack. In the example above, twenty, 2U, 2 Post Conversion Kits have been stacked on top of one another. The brackets have round holes on one end so that one side might be screwed into the threaded holes of the 2 Post Rack. The the other end of the brackets has square holes. Once the brackets have been mounted to the rack, the square holes will face outward in the front and rear of the rack, essentially now transforming it into a 4 Post. Cage nuts and screws are also included if threaded holes are necessary.

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  1. Bonnie Wendorff Says:

    I have a 2 post rack and need to mount a server that is built for a 4 post rack. The server is 2U high. What product should I purchase?