2Post Rack Safety

Had an Interesting question today about 2Post Rack Safety. My customer had a 2Post Rack that he wanted to rack mount some servers into. His Question” Will my 2Post Rack Snap in half if I put 4 good size servers in it? Good Question! 2 Post Racks are not necessarily the best route to take when rack mounting servers. However, if you have them it is not the end of the world. When rack mounting servers in this situation it is always best to Center Mount the servers into the rack. This helps balance the rack and prevents putting alot of stress on the uprights. it was my recommendation that he do this as well as ensure that the 2Post is anchored to the floor and if at all possible secured to the wall or ceiling for extra stability.

2Post Realy Rack
Center Mount
2Post Rack
2Post Flush Relay Rack
Flush Mount
2Post Rack

In the end he was another satisfied customer. I did recommend if he continues to buy rack mount servers that he might want to think about a 4Post Rack or an Enclosure to make his life easier and also save himself some money down the line.

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