Apple Xserve Rail Kit Obstruction

The Apple Xserve 4Post Rail Kit cannot be used with the 2Post Conversion Kits.  The Rear Rail Bracket of the Apple Xserve causes an obstruction with the Post of the Rack.  The following  photos detail the area of obstruction.

Apple XServe - Possible Obstruction Point Apple Xserve Rail Kit

There are several options that are available to resolve this type of obstruction.  The easiest and most economical method available is to utilize a generic Fixed Rail to install the server.  These Fixed Rails support the server chassis much in the same way as a shelf, however these Fixed Rails typically do not occupy any additional rack space as a shelf would.

Installing the Apple Xserve on a 2Post Rack Shelf is the simplest and most economical method.  The 29″ deep shelf will easily support the weight of several Xservers.

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