Apple Xserve Rail Kit

Apple Xserve with Rail Kit

 The Apple Xserve is a well engineered server.  The rail kit used to install the Xserve is a remarkably simple design.  The current rail kit designs from other manufacturer’s like: Dell, HP, & IBM are more complicated and offer full slide rail features that the Xserve rail kit does not have.  The biggest feature that the Xserve rail kit is lacking is Cable Management.



Apple Xserve - Inner Rail Track

The Xserve rail kit is very similar to some of the Dell static rail kits.  There is an inner track that is riveted onto the chassis of the server.  The outer track slides over the inner track and is locked together by a safety latch.  This design allows the Xserve to slide partially out of the Server Rack before it has to be removed.



Apple Xserve Rail Kit

The outer track of the Xserve rail kit is a very simple design.  The outer track comes with two different length mounting brackets that give the rail kit an installation depth range from: 24″ to 36″.  The shorter bracket provides an installation depth range of: 24″ to 29″.  The longer bracket provides an installation depth range of: 29″ to 36″.


The Xserve rail kit is designed to mount on the inside surface of the Server Rack uprights or posts.  Although this rail kit has a very simple design it could potentially have some obstruction issues with Server Racks that don’t have an unobstructed pathway from the front to the rear upright.  A Server Rack that has a “C” channel upright will present an obstruction with this rail kit, as well as a host of other rail kits.

Installing the Xserve rail kit is relatively quick.  This kit is not a tool-less installation, it requires the rails to be screwed to the Server Rack.  The lack of Cable Management could cause some issues where numerous servers are installed.  Overall the Apple Xserve rail kit is a versatile product that will install into most Server Racks without any major issues.



2 Responses to “Apple Xserve Rail Kit”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Can this rack kit be used with a Dell Rapid Rails rack ?

  2. will Says:

    The Apple Rail Kit can be used in most 4Post Server Rack with an installation depth from 24″ to 36″. The Apple Rail Kit is compatible with the Dell Server Racks which have square holes and an installation depth of 28 7/8″