Ask Katrina- 19″ Rack & U Space

In this segment of Ask Katrina, she answers FAQ about 19″ racks:

Question 1: What is a “U space”?

A “U” or “RU” is a unit of measurement that is commonly referred to when discussing rack-mounting equipment. A “U space” is 1.75 inches and is commonly 3 hole spaces tall.

Question 2: What is the most commonly used rack?

We find that most Rack Solutions customers typically have a 4-post square hole rack. It’s called a “4-post rack” because there are 4 uprights and as you can see the holes of the rack are square.

Question 3: What is a 19 inch rack?

A 19 inch rack is the standard EIA-310 server rack. The term “19 inch rack” comes from the width of the equipment in the rack.

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