Ask Katrina- 2Post Universal Rails

In this segment of Ask Katrina, she answers FAQ about 2Post Universal Rails:

Question 1: I ordered the 3UKIT-009 and I received 2 boxes. I don’t understand what the box with the black pieces is for?

Answer: Here is our 3UKIT-009. The black pieces that the customer is referring to are our Conversion brackets that come with our 2U and 3U size options, to support the extra weight. First, install the conversion bracket pieces to the same side to both of the rack uprights. For Flush Mount install both on the back of the 2Post Rack. For Center Mount install both on the front of the 2Post Rack. Then install the rails into the conversion brackets and rack just as if this was a 4Post rack.


Question 2: I have a Dell Poweredge R200 and I want to center mount it into a 2Post Rack but I don’t have a rail kit. Do you have a rail kit for this situation?

Answer: Our universal rails work will all rack mountable equipment. This is a 1U server so you would mount this with our 1UKIT-009.


Question 3: I have a 4U server that I want to center mount into my 2Post rack. Do you have any options for a server that large?

Answer: As long as your 4U server does not exceed 200 lbs, our 3UKIT-009 will work. The choices of different rail kits are mainly based on how much your server weighs. Our 1U has a 45lb weight capacity, 2U has a 75lb weight capacity and our 3U has a 200lb weight capacity.


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