Ask Katrina- Adapter Brackets

In this segment of Ask Katrina, she answers FAQ about Adapter Brackets:

Question 1 My rails won’t work in my 4Post rack because the rails are too short. Do you have anything that would allow them to work?

Answer: For demonstration we have a 2UBRK-200-FULL. We do offer several different depths of brackets that will work depending on your situation. In this particular case we can use the 2.00” bracket to fill the space between the back of the rail and the back of the rack.


Question 2 The rails that came with my server don’t work because my rack has threaded holes and my rails require a square hole. Do you have any options?

Answer: For this problem you can use our 2UBRK-059-FULL. The reason that we use this bracket is because the depth of our rack is correct but we need to convert our holes from threaded to square. For this situation we can use our smallest bracket. Using this bracket will NOT add extra depth to your rack making your rails stick out of back.


Question 3 The rails that I am using are to long for this rack. Do you have anything to extend my rails?

Answer: Let’s say that your rail is 2 inches to long. Again we would use the 2UBRK-200-FULL with our 2U rail kit. This part allows your rail kit to function properly by providing the extra length for your rack.


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