Ask Katrina-Reducer Brackets,2POST-2UKIT,Sliding Keyboard and Dell R720 Rails

We have a NEW way of answering some FAQ. Below is a segment called Ask Katrina:

Question: I have a 2 post rack and we are trying to install a UPS that already has the ears to attach to the rack. The problem that I have is this 2 post rack is 23″ wide. I am looking for some way to make the existing ears that I have work with my rack. Do you have anything that would work like that?

Answer: A standard 2 post rack is 19” in width. Like the one I have here today. However, there are 2 post racks that are either 23 or 24 inches wide. Since this is a problem that we have been faced with several times we developed a reducer bracket display part number on screen 2UBRK-23J-PAIR to solve this problem. These brackets will allow 19” equipment to mount in a 23” or 24” width rack. You can find this part is at

Question: I want a sliding keyboard tray for my 2 Post rack. Do you have anything like that?

Answer: We do offer a solution for this situation and it will require 2 part numbers. The first part would be our 2POST-2UKIT. This will convert your 2post rack into a 4 post rack. Then, you will be
able to use your 2 post rack like a 4 post rack. Then simply attach our sliding keyboard display part number on screen 1UKYB-126 as if it were being installed into a 4 post rack.


Question: I am having a problem mounting a Dell PowerEdge R720 in a non-Dell Rack?

Answer: Rack Solutions has designed a 3rd party sliding rail kit for the R720.This rail kit works in any hole type and has an adjustable mounting depth. Our rail kit works in a 2 Post or 4 post rack. For demonstration we have center mounted our rail kit to show its versatility. The part number on our website is 122-2580 and this comes with all the hardware needed to mount this rail kit.


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