Dell 1950 Fixed Rails

Dell 1950 Fixed Rail [more options]

1U Fixed RailsThe Dell 1950 can be rackmounted using several different methods. Utilizing a set of 1U Fixed Rails as an alternative to the Dell OEM Slide Rail Kit is a versatile option if the Dell OEM Slide Rail Kit is unable to be properly installed. The 1U Fixed Rail is a very simple generic product that allows most types of 1U servers to be installed into most types of server racks. There are two advantages to using this product. The first is largely economical. Dell OEM Slide Rails are expensive and some installations do not require the ability to slide the equipment out of the rack. The second advantage is versatility. The 1U Fixed Rail will mount practically any 1U equipment into any rack. This is the catch all product of rackmounting, if nothing else works use this.

Server Rack Options (4Post & 2Post)

Rack Type Hole Type Mounting Depth Overall Depth Part Number Dell SKU
4Post Any Type 0″ to 31 9/16″ min: 31 1/2″ 1UKIT-109 A0137220
2Post 0″ to 18″ min: 31 1/2″ min: 31 1/2″ 1UKIT-009 A0389974

Note: The 1UKIT-009 can be installed in both a Centermount as well as a Flushmount configuration.

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2 Responses to “Dell 1950 Fixed Rails”

  1. George Dinsdael Says:

    Are these racks Adjustable – in length ?? We have a Dell R200 and the standard dell rails are fixed length and will not work

  2. will Says:

    These rails are adjustable from 0″ to 31 9/16″. Give me a call if you have any additional questions.

    Will Beene