Dell 1950 Tech Specs

Dell 1950 Server Information

Height 1 5/8″
Width 16 7/8″
Depth 31.5″
Weight 39lb
Wattage 670 W
Voltage 90-264 VAC, autoranging, 47-63 Hz, 10.0 A (at 90 VAC)
Heat Dissipation 2697 BTU/hr (maximum)
Operating Temperature 50F to 95F
Maximum Inrush Current 55A for 10ms or less
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3 Responses to “Dell 1950 Tech Specs”

  1. al olsen Says:

    can you please provide part numbers for both the CMOS an RAID batteries within the 1950 server?

  2. will Says:

    Unfortunately we do no carry these types of batteries.

  3. Dinesh Garg Says:

    Hello Team,

    Is Dell 1950 server is a quad core server ?
    We have Dell1950 machine which has 4 processors. Each processor is Intel Xenon 2.33 GHz