Dell PE2950 Rails installed in a C Shaped Upright Rack

The Dell Rapid/Versa Rails can be installed into a square or a round hole Server Rack. This is accomplished by a rotating assembly on the ends of the rails with square hooks on one side and threaded pim nuts on the other side. This is a very unique design and works with most Server Racks. However it does not work with a Server Rack that has C Channel Shaped Uprights. The rotating assembly causes an obstruction with the rear surface of the upright that prevents the Dell Rail Kit from being installed.

C Channel Shaped Server Rack Upright

The Solution to this problem is to replace the rotating assembly on the ends of the rails with a simple mounting flange. This can be accomplished quickly and easily by using the PE2950 Rail Ear Replacement Product: P/N 2URAIL-2950-EARS


Dell PE2950 Rapid/Versa Rail

The following video shows how this product is used to install the Dell PE2950 into a C Channel Server Rack.

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