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Dell PE2950 Rail KitThe Dell Part Number for the 2950 is 310-8194. This is the P/N that you will need to order this kit from your Dell Sales Rep. The Kit P/N OK8766 is not used by the Dell Sales Reps. for ordering this product.

The following is a list and picture of the individual components. Dell is continually improving their slide rail kits. The 2950 slide rail kit is compatible with any hole type which makes it the most versatile slide rail design.

Dell P/N Description Dell Description
OK8766 Complete Kit KIT,RCKRL,R/V-RAIL,2U,SL,P2950
TC837-ASSY Right Slide Rail RCKRL,R/V-RAIL,2U,SL,RT
WC369-ASSY Left Slide Rail RCKRL,R/V-RAIL,2U,SL,LT
UC469-ASSY Cable Management Arm RCKRL,CMA,2U,PE2950
TH162-KIT Hardware Pack INSTL,RCKRL,2U+
CD496-GDE Rack Installation Guide RACK,INSTL,P2950,WW
FD147-PLCMT Rack Installation Instructions RACK,P2950,W

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12 Responses to “Dell 2950 Rail Kit”

  1. Fred Says:

    We purchased a few Dell PowerEdge 2950 III servers for our rack enclosure, a 4-post server cabinet from RackSolutions. We also (foolishly?) purchased the Dell RapidRail/VersaRail kit as this is a square hole cabinet. However, it seems that the length of the kit is just too short for our 29.125″ depth cabinet (usable depth). Could it be that the Dell rails only work up to 29″?

  2. will Says:

    The installation depth of the PE2950 III Rail Kit is 26 15/16″ to 29 5/16″. You should not be having any issues installing the PE2950 into our Rack. Please give me a call at your convenience today and let’s discuss this. I’m sure it can be resolved quickly.

    Will Beene

  3. Fred Says:

    Problem “solved”: the rack posts were too far apart (30.2″)…

  4. Kevin Says:

    I have the 2950 and this rail kit. I also have a mid-atlantic 4 post rack (square hole). The shape of the posts is such that the “convenient” rotating adapter interferes with the back of the rail and as such will not work in the rack. Is there anything that can be done by modifying or adapting the existing hardware or am I going to have to throw away this part and just buy something that will work?

  5. Michael Says:

    I have exactly the same problem as Kevin, whereby the approx 12mm long swivel post for the rail ends interferes with the rack post, making it impossible to use with the rack. In my case, it interferes with an internal series of square holes, used for mounting shelves, but it’s still a real pain. Any alternatives?

  6. will Says:

    The first product that I would recommend is a set of PE2950 Rail Ears. This product replaces the rotating assembly on the PE2950 rails with a simple bracket that usually resolves any type of obstruction issue.

    PE2950 Rail Ears

    There are 3rd Party Rail Kits that are also available based on the type of racks that you have. However if you have already purchased the Dell Rail Kit then I would try to make that work first. The following is a link to all the different mounting options for the PE2950.

    PE2950 Rackmounting Options

    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Will Beene

  7. Kevin Says:

    Thank you Will, I think that the rail ears that you recomend should work well since I have already have the Dell kit. However, I think that the Quickrail 2950 kit is a much more elegant solution and I will go this route on my next rack mount server.

  8. Jesse Says:

    Can anybody tell me the difference between the 310-8194 rail kit and the FN360 rail kit? I’ve got a 2950 that’s a few years old, and I need to buy some rails for it. The FN360 is available on ebay for about 1/3 the cost of the 310-8194, so I’d like to be able to get that one.

  9. will Says:

    The FN360 is not listed as a part in the rail kit for the PE2950. There are numerous rail kit options ranging from $99 to $189 to install the PE2950.

    This page has every possible way to rackmount a PE2950:

    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  10. Duder Says:

    The FN360 aka 0FN360 aka 310-7412 are all the same part and from what I can tell are the same as the “Dell Combination Rapid/Versa Rail Kit, P/N 310-8194”
    Shown at this URL:
    that everyone is referencing.

    Perhaps someone from DELL could confirm this?

  11. Arnold Says:

    Do the “ears” work with 2970 also?

  12. will Says:

    In order for me to quote you on this please send me an email with your billing and shipping address and contact informaion.