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3 Responses to “Dell 2950, 2970 Server and Rack Mount Overview”

  1. Paul Says:

    what rail kit is required to rack a Dell PE2950 into a HP 10000 series G2 Rack? The HP rack has PDU’s down the rear right hand side of the rack and the Dell rail kit protrudes out too long. Is there a shorter rai lkit available and one that is similar to the rapid rail kit from Dell that is easy to install?

  2. will Says:

    The PE2950 can be installed using a 3rd Party Rail kit: P/N 2URAIL-2950. This kit kit has an installation depth of 18″ to 30″ and an overall depth of 31 1/2″ or 32 7/8″ depending on the configuration. The standard Dell rails have an installation depth of 26 15/16″ to 29 5/16″ and an overall depth of 35 3/16″

    There are some additional rail kits available for the PE2950 if this one does not meet your needs. Give me a call if you have any questions.

    Will Beene

  3. subbu Says:

    we r serching the dual-core intel Xeon 5060 Processor (3.2 GHz, 1066fsb) 2gb ram level 2 cache