Dell 4210 Server Rack

Question: I”m considering purchasing a Dell 4210 Server Rack.  What is the installation depth of the Dell 4210 Server Rack and is this depth adjustable?

Answer: The Dell 4210 Server Rack is set at the Dell Standard Depth of 28 7/8″.  The depth of the Dell 4210 Server Rack is adjustable in 1″ increments.  All four of the Server Rack uprights can be adjusted to meet most rackmount equipment requirements.

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3 Responses to “Dell 4210 Server Rack”

  1. Natalia Navarrete Says:

    Please send me quote for:
    1 rack code DELL 4210, do you have in stock it??
    Thanks very much.

  2. will Says:

    We do not sell the Dell 4210 Server Rack, however we do have our own Server Rack that is very similar to the Dell 4210 Server Rack. If you give me a call I can get a quote to you for this product in just a few minutes.

    Will Beene

  3. Krishnar Jude H. Alipar Says:


    I would like to request a quote for Server rack that looks like Dell 4210…
    Can you just email it to me to the given email address? Thank you..