Dell LED Control Panels

There are several current generation Dell Servers that have an LED Control Panel. These Control Panels can have a large ribbon cable that must be re-routed when converting the servers between a rackmount and a tower configuration. There is an issue that arises when the complete Dell Conversion Kit is not being used. The complete kit includes the replacement parts that allow the Control Panel to be relocated. The Dell PE2900 III is shown here with the control panel ribbon cable exposed (the PE2900 has the same issue). It is highly recommended that you use the complete Conversion Kit when attempting to install the server. However, if you are not able to do this, then it may be possible in some cases to leave the top chassis panel in place to keep the cable covered.

Dell PE2900 LED Control Panel Ribbon Cable

In some cases, the only acceptable solution is to install the server using a Heavy Duty Sliding Shelf standing upright in the tower configuration. This installation method will allow two PE2900s to utilize same shelf.

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    […] you will not get like having the text and Dell Logo turned 90 degrees but that is not critical. The LED control panel has a ribbon cable that will remain outside the chassis.  This can be an issue for some […]