Dell Poweredge 1950 & 2950 Rack Rails

Question: Why won’t my PE1950 or PE2950 Sliding Rails fit into my Standard Server Rack?

Answer: Dell has two different Rail Kits for the PE1950 & PE2950. The main Slide Rail is configurable for both square hole server racks as well as round hole server racks. This configuration option is achieved by a rotating assembly on the ends of the slide rails.

  1. It’s this rotating assembly that causes the first problem. There are levers and mechanisms and things sticking out that get in the way when you try to install the new Rack Rails.
  2. The second problem is the actual installation depth required by the PE1950 & PE2950.PE1950: length of rail – 31.5″
    PE2950: length of rail – 31.7

    cable management assembly – 3.5″
    front bezel – 1.5″
    required front air space – 1″

    The physical installation depth of a PE1950 is 37.5″ the PE2950 is 37.7″.

  3. The third problem is the installation depth range of the slide rails. This is not the physical depth but the range that the rails can be installed in.PE1950: 26.9″ to 29.6″
    PE2950: 26.8″ to 29.3″

The physical depth and the installation depth range can cause issues with some Server Racks that cannot accomodate the equipment.

2 Responses to “Dell Poweredge 1950 & 2950 Rack Rails”

  1. Brad Says:

    Great, so what the hell is the fix besides buying new rails?

  2. jwood Says:

    If you are having an obstruction issue, swap Dell’s rotating ears on the rails with this set of ears to get around the obstruction.