Dell R200 Fixed Rails

Dell R200 Fixed Rail [more options]

1U Fixed RailsThe Dell R200 can be quickly installed into any type of Server Rack utilizing a set of 1U Fixed Rails as an alternative to the Dell Rail Kit. The Fixed Rail is a generic product that allows multiple different types of equipment to be installed into any type of Server Rack. The advantage to using a Fixed Rail to install the R200 over the Dell Rail Kit is mostly cost. The Fixed Rail provides significant cost savings compared to the Dell Rail Kit for the R200. Additional savings are seen by using the Fixed Rail for additional equipment once the R200 has been upgraded to a newer Server. The Fixed Rail can be used again and again without having to purchase expensive Slide Rail Kits.

Server Rack Options (4Post & 2Post)

Rack Type Hole Type Mounting Depth Overall Depth Part Number Dell SKU
4Post Any Type 0″ to 31 9/16″ min: 31 1/2″ 1UKIT-109 A0137220
2Post 0″ to 18″ min: 31 1/2″ min: 31 1/2″ 1UKIT-009 A0389974

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9 Responses to “Dell R200 Fixed Rails”

  1. bob Says:

    I need 4 post rail kit for Dell r200 server?
    Is part 1UKIT-109 the correct item – what is cost?


  2. will Says:

    That is the correct P/N, the cost is $99.

  3. Pat Dempsey Says:

    Hi, the Dell R200 has centre lockscrews (M5) at the front to hold the unit from sliding out; does this kit accomodate this; can i get a PDF drawing of the kit (to check it’s suitable for a specific project which uses non standard racking; about 50 required)? Thanks


  4. will Says:

    If you have an M5 Cagenut you can install it backwards on the front mounting flange and it will secure the server. The only issue is if the R200 has the screws offset from the centerline like some of the other 11G servers. If that’s the case then the lockscrew will not work with this rail kit.

  5. CJ Smith Says:

    will these work with the R710 servers. I have cabinets with holes about 1 inch apart. The rails received with the servers will not work as is.

  6. will Says:

    You will need the 3rd Pary Rail kit for the R710. Please revew the following information and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

    R710 Rail Kit

  7. Jeff Sweet Says:

    One of our clients has a 4 post AV rack that is approximately 18″ deep. Will the 1UKit-009 work for an R410. As long as it can sit on the flanges and possibly have the retaining screws in the front, I think we are ok.

    Thanks Jeff

  8. will Says:

    The 1UKIT-009 will work, howeve I would recommend the 1UBRK-R4 instead. This kit is specifically designed for the R410 and has an installation depth of: 13″ to 31.5″.


    Give me a call if you have any questions

    Will Beene

  9. will Says:

    The 1UKIT-009 will work very well for this installation.

    Give me a call if you have any questions.

    Will Beene