Dell R410 Rail Kit Overview and Installation Options

The Dell R410 Rail Kit uses the new Ready Rail design.  This design is is compatible with square hole racks as well as clearance hole racks.  Clearance hole racks have a non-threaded, 0.25″ round hole.  The attachment of the rail to the rack is on the front mounting surface instead of the the rear which has been the typical attachment method of Dell rails in the past.

The Dell R410 Ready Rails can be installed in a threaded hole rack using the RackSolutions adapter kit, P/N: 1UKIT-R4.  This adapter kit has a small bracket that is attached to the front of the rack.  This adapter bracket converts the round holes to square holes.  The rear section of the rail is replaced by a section that is compatible with round holes.  This kit slightly changes the over all installation depth of the server by moving the front attachment forward 7/8″.

Mounting Depth
Dell Ready Rail 26 7/16″ to 35 5/16″
Dell Ready Rail with RS adapter kit 26 7/16″ to 35 5/16″
Dell Static Rail – 4Post Square Hole 23 1/8″ to 32 1/2″
Dell Static Rail – 4Post Round Hole 23 3/16″ to 33 5/16″
Dell Static Rail – 2Post Centermount 3″ to 6″
Dell Static Rail – 2Post Flushmount 3″ to 6″
RackSolutions Rail – 4Post any hole type 13″ to 31 1/2″
RackSolutions Rail – 2Post Centermount 2″ to 8″
RackSolutions Rail – 2Post Flushmount 2″ to 8″

The Dell static rail available when the Ready Rails are incompatible or in 2Post installations.  Please review the following article which provides additional information on the Dell Static Rails.

RackSolutions offers a 3rd party rail kit, P/N: 1UBRK-R4 for 4Post installations where there is some type of obstruction issue.  This rail kit is also compatible with 2Post installations as well.    This rail kit captivates the mounting lugs on the side of the server chassis preventing any movement of the chassis itself.  This rail kit can be used in transport applications where the Dell rails may not be compatible with the shock isolated racks.

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