Dell Rail Ears

The current Dell Rail Kit design is compatible with both square hole Server Racks as well as round hole Server Racks.  This innovative design is the first production Rail Kit that has this unique feature.  The ends of the Dell Rail have a rotating assembly that has square hooks on one surface and PEM nuts on the opposite surface.  This mechanism is simple and versatile but has the potential to cause an obstruction with some types of Server Racks, specifically ones with C Channel uprights.  The following photos show the potential obstruction points and the front end of the PE2950 Rail Kit detailing the rotating mechanism.
C Channel Shaped Server Rack Upright

Dell PE2950 Rapid/Versa Rail

If you are having obstruction issues installing Dell Rail Kit there are several products that will fix your problem.  RackSolutions makes several different kits that replace the rotating portion of the Dell Rail Kit with a simple bracket that does not cause an obstruction.

The following three photos show the 1U, 2U, and 5U Rail Ear kits available for the Dell PE1950, PE2950, and PE2900 Servers.  There are other Dell Servers that share these rail kits as well.

Dell 1950 Rail Ears

Dell 2950 Rail Ears

Dell PE2900 Rail Ears

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