How to install Dell Ready Rails into a threaded hole rack

Dell Ready Rails

Screw Placement

Front Rail Attachment

Rear Rail Attachment

The Dell Ready Rails, that are larger than 1U, can be installed into a threaded hole rack using RackSolutions Adapter Brackets.  Photo #1 shows the Ready Rail Mounting Mechanism that is used on the Dell 11G servers.  This mechanism has two large pins that are inserted into a square hole or a non-threaded hole rack.  These pins are 1/4″ diameter and will not fit into the common threaded hole racks.  The mechanism has two small spring loaded hooks that lock the rail into the rack.
RackSolutions Adapter Brackets convert round holes to square holes.  In order to use the brackets the screws must be installed in a location where they do not interfere with the pins or hooks on the Dell Ready Rails.  There are two holes available on the bracket to install the screws into that will not interfere with the pins and hooks.  Photo #2 shows where the screws are installed as well as how the pins and hooks are inserted into the adapter bracket.
Once the bracket is installed on the rack the Dell Ready Rail can be installed using the normal method.  The rail will protrude from of the bracket.

The rear attachment of the Dell Ready Rails is achieved by using a 2″ Adapter Bracket.  The bracket is installed on the inside surface of the rack.  This will reduce the installation depth of the rack by 2″ which will not typically cause an issue.  In shallow racks a bracket can sometimes be installed on the outside of the rack, however using brackets bigger than the 0.59″ can sometimes result in additional obstruction issues with the rail itself.  Photo #4 shows the 2″ bracket with the Dell Ready Rail attached.

Using the 0.59″ and 2″ brackets on a rack with an installation depth of 29″ will provide 27.59″ of installation depth.  This is within the mounting depth range of the Dell Ready Rails.  If your rack has an installation depth shallower than 29″ then other obstruction issues may occur using the adapter brackets.  Racks that are deeper than 29″ will not be as prone to obstructions as the shallower racks due to the adapter brackets being installed on the inside of the rack.

There are a variety of sizes of adapter brackets available that will solve most common installation issues with the Dell 11G Servers.  These brackets can be ordered online or through a Dell Account Rep.  There are also 3rd Party Replacement Rails available in circumstances where the adapter brackets do not provide an acceptable solution.

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