Dell Static Rails

Some of the Dell 11g servers have a static rail available for installations where the standard Ready Rails are incompatible or for use in 2Post installations.  This Dell rail kit is configurable depending upon what type of rack is used.  Section A of the rail kit is an assembly that has the new Ready Rail mounting pins for use in square hole racks as well as a set of clearance holes for use in any type of rack.  This mechanism is similar to the previous generation of Dell Rail Kits in that the mechanism rotates to allow for the use of both types of attachment methods.  The difference in this mechanism is that it must be unscrewed compared to the previous generation rail kit that used a locking lever.  The previous generation rail kit also had PEM nuts instead of clearance holes.  Section B is the primary support bracket for 2Post centermount applications.  This support bracket is riveted directly to the main rail frame and uses clearance holes as the attachment method.  Section C is an adjustable bracket with a range of: 3″ to 6″.  This bracket is used for 2Post flushmount configurations.  These brackets can be removed if the front assembly is removed first, however they cannot be reversed.  These brackets have clearance holes for use in any type of mounting interface.  Section D is a 13 7/16″ bracket that is similar to Section A having both the Ready Rail mounting pins on one end and clearance holes on the other end.  This bracket is reversable to allow the use of both attachment methods.  In 2Post centermount installations the clearance holes are used in conjunction with section B.  This allows the rail to be installed in 2Post racks with center channels ranging in size from: 3″ to 10 1/16″.  In 4Post installations this bracket is configured based on the mounting interface.  The Ready Rail mounting pins are used in square hole racks, the clearance holes are used for any type of rack.  In 4Post installations this bracket allows the rail to to be installed in a range of: 23″ to 32 9/16″ using the Ready Rail mounting pins and 23 1/4″ to 33 5/16″ using the clearance holes.

The Dell static rail is susceptible to obstructions in 4Post racks in all 4 sections shown in the photo.  4Post racks with mounting post that are not a simple “L” shape will have the highest potential of causing an obstruction with Section A.  If an obstruction occurs with Section C then the bracket can simply be removed.  Obstructions caused by Section B will be difficult to resolve due to the permanent attachment of the support bracket.  Obstructions in this area will more than likely effect Section D as well and will be equally difficult to resolve.  In situations where unresolvable obstructions are preventing the proper installation of this rail kit the recommended solution is to use a 3rd Party Rail kit, P/N: 1UBRK-R4.  This rail kit is far less likely to have the obstruction issues that the Dell Rail kit is vulnerable to.

Dell Static Rail


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