Rackmount a Dell PowerEdge T300

Dell T300

The Dell PE T300 is one of Dell’s new Tower Server’s.  Technically the T300 is not a Rackmountable Server but that does not stop people from attempting to install it in a Server Rack.

The T300 has a physical height of 17.94″ which would neccessite the server being installed in the tower conifguration.  It would be nice to lay the T300 on it’s side but it would not fit through the 17.7″ opening of the Server Rack.

In the tower configuration the T300 requires over 10 Rack Units of space, not including the shelf the T300 sits on.  This might be acceptible if there was an abundance of rack space but if the T300 was installed on it’s side it would only occupy 5 rack units of space.

The T300 has 4 pedestal feet on the bottom of the server.  If these are removed then the overall height is reduced to 17.5″.  Laying on it’s side it will easily fit through the 17.7″ opening of a 19″ Standard Server Rack.  The perfect product to do this is a Medium Duty Sliding Shelf.


9 Responses to “Rackmount a Dell PowerEdge T300”

  1. Tim Woolfson Says:

    That’s weird – submitted the form 3 times nothing – this fourth one (above) gets through the filter…?

    I was trying to ask if anyone has any experience in using a dell poweredge towerform on it’s side for prolongued periods in use.
    Had any problems?

    Obviously they weren’t designed to be used laid on their side.

    Thanks for any feedback.

  2. will Says:

    That’s perfectly fine. Most of the Tower Servers have Tower to Rack Kits that convert them. Give me a call if you want to discuss this.

    Will Beene

  3. Tim Woolfson Says:

    Hi Will,

    Have you got a link for a tower to rack kit for me?



  4. will Says:

    Dell does not make a conversion kit for the T300. You need to remove the pedestal feet on the bottom and use a fixed shelf or a sliding shelf depending on your requirements.

  5. Todd Says:

    Depending on how mechanically inclined you are, drill holes in the case and mount a set of rapid rails or better yet a pair of full extension slides for you homemade rack system.

  6. will Says:

    Drilling holes in the chassis and bolting on rails for a homemade rack system is not something I would recommend. If you have any photos of your equipment mounted using this method I would be interesting in reviewing them. Please send them to Will@RackSolutions.com

  7. Steven Says:

    FYI, I’ve had a bunch of PowerEdge 800s and 840s stacked tightly on sliding shelves for about four years. Never had a single problem with this arrangement, and find it extremely easy to work on them with the opening sides faced upwards. I use rubberized kitchen liners on the surface of the shelves to keep the servers from sliding around.

  8. Shawn Says:


    Customer is having 3 Tower model Servers and wanting to mount the same. Do you think that we cna have 2 tower servers at the bottom and using a rail Kit can have the 3rd one above that. Out of the 3 Is a rackmountable tower model.
    please suggest.

  9. will Says:

    I would recommend a basic rack shelf. With two, you could install all three servers. Please review the following information:

    Rack Shelf

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Will Beene