HP DL380 Fixed Rail (2Post Relay Rack)

2U Fixed Rail

  • Install the HP DL380 into a Relay Rack (2Post)
  • Does not require the HP DL380 Quick Rail Kit
  • Compatible with 3″ Upright Relay Racks
  • Provides 2U Rackmount Space

The HP DL380 can be installed in a Relay Rack without having to purchase the HP DL380 Quick Rails. This is accomplished by using a set of Generic Fixed Rails. These Fixed Rails will support the server in the Relay Rack however the Rail Kit will not slide out of the Relay Rack. HP does no manufacture a Quick Rail Kit that is compatible with Relay Racks, instead they rely exclusively on RackSolutions products for these types of installations.

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2 Responses to “HP DL380 Fixed Rail (2Post Relay Rack)”

  1. Gary Christopher Says:


    I need the part number and means of ordering a 2-post fixed rail kit for a HP Proliant DL380G5. Can you provide that information? I cannot find it on your web site at:


    Gary Christopher

  2. will Says:

    The 2U Fixed Rail, P/N:2UKIT-009, can be ordered online at http://www.racksolutions.com/rack-rails.shtml
    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Will Beene