Open Frame Equipment Racks

Open frame server racks function very similar to Rack Enclosures but without doors or side panels. The benefits of open frame, equipment racks are largely economical. The cost is typically less than half that of a fully enclosed rackmount Equipment Rackcabinet.

The main benefits of open frame racks are:

  • low cost
  • easy access to cabling
  • unrestricted airflow optimizes cooling
  • ease of installation
  • shipping costs are less

The main disadvantages to open frame racks are:

  • lack of security
  • cosmetic – enclosed racks have a cleaner look

Open frame racks can be coupled together with a simple, inexpensive, baying kit, making them ideal for data centers. The cable management on an open frame, equipment rack is very simple. A vertical, cable management bar is typically included and provides an innovative and simple means of routing any type of cables.

Open frame racks typically have a fixed mounting depth. The most common depth is 29″ which is compatible with modern equipment from all OEMs. The equipment racks usually have square mounting holes and use cage nuts.

Open frame racks come in several sizes:

Most recently, a 55U open frame rack has become available.

Here’s an example of what the rear of an open frame rack, filled with servers and equipment, might look like.
This one is shown coupled together with a second open frame rack.

Here’s a great example of three open frame racks bayed together in a server room.

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