Define: Fixed Rails


Fixed rails can most easily described as not a sliding rail or telescoping rails. Telescopic sliding rail kits provide the functionality of a drawer, more or less. The server can be pulled out of the rack and serviced without disconnecting all the cables. This functionality is very useful. However, sometimes the slide rails just won’t fit in the rack. In these circumstances, the product that will provide a solution is a fixed rail. A fixed rail is a long L shaped bracket that supports the edge of the equipment. The fixed rail is a catch-all type of product. If nothing else will work, this product will provide the solution. The fixed rail may include a cabling crossbar in the rear to dress out any cables present. The fixed rail requires the servers and equipment to be fully removed from the server rack for service.

Fixed Rail

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The Big 3 are constantly evolving their sliding rail kits by improving on existing designs. This sometimes prevents slide rail kits from being backwards compatible with previous generation servers and racks. The fixed rail is compatible with most generation servers and equipment.

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