Installing a Tower Server into a Server Rack

Question: I have a Tower Server that I want to install in a Server Rack. I do not have a Tower to Rack Conversion Kit. What are my options?

Answer: There are several options available depending upon the dimensions and weight of the Tower Server. If the server is taller than 17.72″ (the standard opening of a Server Rack) then you cannot lay the server on it’s side. This is important because if you want the server to slide out of the rack then the server will have to be secured using a strap. An advantage to keeping the server in a Tower Configuration is that it’s possible to place 2 servers on a single shelf if the width of both servers is less than 17.72″.

The shelf options should be determined by the weight of the equipment to be placed on them and whether the equipment needs to slide out of the Server Rack. A complete Rack Shelf Selection Guide can be reviewed to determine which Rack Shelf meets the requirements.

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