Installing a Dell PE750 into a non Dell rack

The Dell PE750 rails that are provided from Dell are not always compatible with third party racks. One option available is a. The unique design allows for installation into 4Post and 2Post racks with round or square holes. If your rack depth is set at 11″ to 31″, this is an ideal solution.

4 Responses to “Installing a Dell PE750 into a non Dell rack”

  1. Mike Geschwind Says:

    Are Dell PE750 Rails compatable with Poweredge 650 ( 1ru) server chassis?

  2. will Says:

    The PE750 and PE650 rails are totally different. The PE750 rails are not full slide rails. They allow the server to slide 3/4 of the way out of the rack and then the server must be removed. The PE650 rails are full slide rails. The PE1850 has the same type of rail as the PE750. We make a 3rd party rail kit for the PE1850 that allows it to slide comletely out of the rack however it is not compatible with the PE750. The side flanges on the chassis of the PE750 and PE1850 are slightly different.

    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Will Beene

  3. Deepak Vyas Says:


    I’m looking for rack kits for Dell PE850, 1950 and HP DL360G5. I’m using a 3rd party 4-post rack. Can you point me to the right P/N’s?

    Thanks Will!

  4. will Says:

    We do not have OEM Rail Kits for these servers, however we do have an alternative rail kit that will work very well. If your rack has square holes and an installation depth of 29″ then I would recommend the 1UKIT-109-QR. If your rack does not meet these requirements then I would use the 1UKIT-109. This kit will allow you to install the Dell servers. For the HP server I would use the BRK-HP-4P-001.

    1UKIT-109 & 1UKIT-109-QR