Low Profile Power Cords

The latest generation of servers just keep getting deeper and deeper.  This can cause obstruction issues with the Cable Management Arms and the Power Distribution Units at the back of the Server Rack.  The following photo shows a Dell PE1950 installed in an APC 2100 NetShelter Server Rack.  The CMA is very close to preventing the Power Cord from being plugged into the APC powerstrip.

Dell PE1950 - APC Server Rack

The following installation shows a large number of PE1950s installed in an APC 3100 NetShelter Server Rack.  There are so many cables that the APC powerstrip is buried and cannot be seen.  The client was unable to plug the power cords in due to the large number of cables and the PE1950  CMAs that were causing an obstruction.

High Density Installation of PE1950s in an APC 3100 Server Rack

This photo shows how the installer attempted to resolve the issue by spacing the PE1950s apart.  Notice here how the CMA is approximately 1″ from the receptacle.  A standard NEMA 5-15P will not physically fit into that space.  What is needed is a Low Profile Power Cord.

Obstructed Powerstrip

The Low Profile Power Cords are less than 1″ in height and can be used to resolve installations where the CMA, Cables, or other device is causing an obstruction with the power receptacles.  These cords can be custom ordered with numerous different types of NEMA as well as IEC connectors.  Custom lengths are also available.

Low Profile Power Cord




2 Responses to “Low Profile Power Cords”

  1. Steve Mason Says:

    Where oh where can I get some of these low-profile cables in varying lengths???

  2. will Says:

    Give this company and call: Signal and Power Delivery Systems at 408-871-7928