Mounting Cisco UCS Slide Rails in a 2Post Rack

The Slide Rail Kits for Cisco”s line of Unified Computing Systems (UCS) are compatible with RackSolutions 2Post Conversion Kits.  These Conversion Kits allow the use of standard 4Post Rails in 2Post Racks.  These kits have a set of 4 support brackets that bolt onto a 2Post rack and provide the 4 corner attachments that a 4Post Rail Kit requires.

The Cisco UCS Slide Rails do not have any mechanisms or assemblies along the outer edge of the rail that might cause an obstruction with the side channel of a 2Post Rack.  The 2Post Conversion Kits are available in several sizes that provide solutions for 2Post Racks with side channels up to 6″ wide.  These kits are avialable in sizes ranging from 2U to 7U tall allowing up to 7 UCS 1U servers to be mounted using a single kit.

Rail Extension 28 1/4″
Overall Installation Depth 36″ with CMA
34 5/8″ no CMA
Installation Depth using 2Post Kit 29″

Cisco UCS C200, C210, C250 Rail Overview

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