Open Frame Wall Mount Project

Courtesy of Steve M.

I have wanted to install network wiring throughout the house. A co-worker recommended an open frame wall mount rack for keeping equipment elevated, organized, and out-of-the-way. I was directed toward a few networking equipment websites, including The level of customization that has on their open frame wall mount racks was instantly appealing. I settled on a size of 15U tall and 9U deep.

The equipment arrived within three days from placing the order. Several parts were packaged together, based on size, and arrived in good visible condition:

Opening the packaging showed plenty of cardboard, plastic wrap, and Styrofoam corners to properly protect the equipment during transportation:

After unboxing everything, you will have four posts, a top and bottom rack piece, and some bags with screws and cage nuts:


First Impressions
The metal is solid, and has a very durable paint coating across every surface edge. Running your finger over the metal, especially near corners or punched/cut areas, revealed no sharp or jagged edges. Each post had several threaded connections installed, which would be used to attach the post to the rack’s top and bottom sections.
Start Assembling!

The assembly couldn’t have been easier – only a single, #2 Phillips screwdriver is needed.
The posts are designed in a way that only allows it to fit a specific alignment with the top and bottom of the rack. This is accomplished through some notches placed at the ends of the posts. Each post fits within the inner-corner of the top and bottom of the rack.

Mounting the Rack
After marking and pre-drilling two holes for the top of the rack, two lag bolts and washers were installed. About one-half inch of space was left between the bolt heads and the studs.
Hanging the rack on the two lag bolts:


Racking Equipment
I first installed the patch panel, network switch, and a two-post shelf into the rack. To keep the free-standing components in place and remove any risk of tipping or falling, I ran Velcro cinch straps around the devices.
Here is the final picture of the completed rack:

Closing Thoughts
This product is simply outstanding, and I am absolutely thrilled with how this project turned out. Once the wiring has been installed into the walls, I am completely confident with housing my network and household components in this rack. The rack is quite sturdy and well-built, and I have no doubt about its durability for years to come. RackSolutions offers plenty of accessories for customizing the look of the rack, which allowed me to select a combination that fit my current needs and plans for the future.

Additional Parts

2 x Two-Post Shelves
Velcro Cinch Straps, various lengths
Bulk Velcro roll
Several 18-inch, 3-prong extension power cords from Monoprice
Cage Nut Tool

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