OptiPlex All-In-One

Situation: I have a Dell OptiPlex PC and I want to attach the monitor in an All-in-One setup.

Solution: The Dell OptiPlex comes in four different sizes; the UltraSmall Form Factor (USFF), the Small Form Factor (SFF), the Desktop, and the MiniTower (MT). Only the USF and SFF are small enough to make a reasonable sized All-In-One. Dell sells the following All-In-one kits through S&P (software and peripherals).

Dell All-in-One OptiPlex All-In-One All-In-One Dell OptiPlex

Dell S&P P/N A0728637 – OptiPlex SFF + LCD monitor
Dell S&P P/N A1149268 – OptiPlex SFF + LCD monitor + Cover
Dell S&P P/N A0985007 – OptiPlex USFF + LCD monitor

These kits will work with any monitor that has a 75mm or 100mm VESA mounting pattern. This includes all currently available Dell monitors. The kit has been tested with monitors as large as 30″ with no adverse effects on stability or usability.

5 Responses to “OptiPlex All-In-One”

  1. DANIEL Says:

    would like to purchase an “all in one” stand (stand only) for my dell optiplex 745 Ultra Small Form Factor.

    is the correct part number 1706FP ?

    Can i purchase direct from you?

  2. Sam Johnson Says:


    I am looking for a computer rack that is enclosed whereby i can mount a Dell Optiplex 280 away and out of my studio control room because of
    fan noise. The cabinet needs to be vented and have a rear hole or some way for me to run cables.

    Do you have a cabinet like that? I would like to also be able to put maby a couple of more items inside. Please let me know what you have.


    Sam Johnson
    Victorville, California

  3. will Says:

    If you are looking for an acoustic rack then I would recommend XRack Pro. These racks are designed for office environments where a loud piece of equipment could be an issue.

  4. Steve Contreras Says:

    please quote 75 pcs of the AIO stand for the gx755 USFF along with Dell part number equivilant

  5. jwood Says:

    Will do Steve. A RackSolutions sales person will send you a quote. Thanks.