Dell PE2900 – Tower to Rack Conversion Kit – Rackmount Options

The PE2900 Tower to Rack Conversion Kit is now sold in two separate kits. The Rackmount Faceplate and Bezel are in one kit (SKU:330-0906) and the rails are sold as a separate kit (310-8207). Your Dell Account Rep. can order these products for you, however if for some reason you need additional options then please review the following choices.

Option #1
Use the Dell Rails without the front face plate and bezel. With this option you get almost everything that the complete Tower to Rack Conversion Kit has. The Rackmount Faceplate has thumbscrews on the sides that prevent the server from being pulled out and it has Pull Loops that are small simple handles to allow you to pull the server out. There are other cosmetic features that you will not get like having the text and Dell Logo turned 90 degrees but that is not critical. The LED control panel has a ribbon cable that will remain outside the chassis.  This can be an issue for some installations.

The Dell Rapid Rails for the PE2900 is P/N: 310-8207. This P/N is still active in the Dell System, and your Dell Account Rep. can order it. RackSolutions no longer stocks this item, and it has been discontinued. You will also need a set of 10-32 Shoulder Nuts to install the Rails to the side of the chassis. These Shoulder Nuts can be ordered from RackSolutions: P/N: SHOULDER-NUT-KIT

Dell Rapid Rails for PE2900 (discontinued)
Shoulder Nuts
Dell Documentation (you need to read this to figure out how to get the chassis panels off)

Option #2
Put the Dell PE2900 on a Heavy Duty Sliding Shelf. This is a very simple option that provides all the features of the complete Tower to Rack Conversion Kit. This option is also more cost effective because the the Shelf can be used again for any device where as the products in Option #1 can only be used with the PE2900.

The Heavy Duty Sliding Shelf will use an additional Rack Unit of Space.The Heavy Duty Sliding Shelf can be ordered through your Dell Account Rep. using the Dell SKU: A0608912 or purchased from RackSolutions: P/N 2USHL-130.

Heavy Duty Sliding Shelf

Option #3
Put the Dell PE2900 on a Heavy Duty Fixed Rail. This is a very economical option. The Heavy Duty Fixed Rail is a static non-sliding option. This option provides basic features such as simple cable management and allows the PE2900 to be easily removed from the Server Rack.

The Heavy Duty Fixed Rail can be ordered through your Dell Account Rep. using the Dell SKU: A0137232 or purchased from RackSolutions: P/N 3UKIT-109.

Heavy Duty Fixed Rail

There are other options available as well if none of these solutions satisfy your requirements. Please call our Expert Technical Support Staff at: 903-453-0800 if you still require assistance.


12 Responses to “Dell PE2900 – Tower to Rack Conversion Kit – Rackmount Options”

  1. Ramy Shaaban Says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Can i mount the Dell PE2900 in HP Rack?

    Thank You

  2. will Says:

    The PE2900 in the Rackmount Configuration can be mounted in an HP Server Rack as long as it’s relatively new. The older style HP Server Racks with the Plexiglass doors do not meat the current 63% perforation requirement that modern Server’s require.

  3. Tannya Says:

    Do you have the actual part number for the shoulder nut kit for the PE2900 or do you just have them in stock?

  4. will Says:

    We have a shoulder nut kit availabe, P/N:SHOULDER-NUT-KIT

  5. Bond Bainbridge Says:

    hi i have 2 dell pe 2900 tower orientation tha i need to put in a 2 post rack orientation what is my best option for $

    and do you shipp to canada ! thxx

  6. will Says:

    The most economical solution is to use a simple shelf. Please review the following selection:

    We definately ship to Canada.

  7. David Thompson Says:

    I have a rack mounted tray in a cabinet where the dimensions require that I lay the server on it’s side and I just want to make sure that the 2900 can be laid on it’s side. Are there feet on one side of the server.

  8. will Says:

    The PE2900 cannot be laid on it’s side without removing the chassis panels. This causes a problem with the ribbon cable and lcd display circuit board being exposed if you do not have the replacement panels. Look at this article:

  9. Duder Says:

    Can a Rack Mount PE2900 use the same rails as the PE2950 / PE2970 servers? From what I can tell the 2URail kit that I have will fit on the PE2900 (I just haven’t had a second person around to help me lift it into place and try it). And I’m not sure if the 2950 rails are strong enough to hold the 5U 2900 loaded down with a bunch of drives.

    Anyone know?

  10. will Says:

    The PE2950 rails are not rated to support the PE2900. If you need some PE2900 Rails we have them in Stock: P/N:310-8207-R
    You can order them here:

  11. Przemek Says:

    Hi, is there any possibility to convert 2900III Rack into Tower Chasis?

  12. will Says:

    We have a kit that will convert the R900 from a Rack to a Tower Configuration:

    The PE2900 requires a specific Dell kit to ensure that the chassis is sealed. Unfortunately we do no have this kit and we don’t make a 3rd party kit to accomplish this.