Rack Mounting IBM x3650

I often get the question of “My IBM Rail Kit will not work in my rack. What are my options for rack mounting my IBM x3650 server into a third party rack”. The answer here is not necessarily a hard one but can be a confusing one. You have several options depending on the type of rack that you are going to rackmount the IBM x3650.

When mounting into a 4post Rack the best solution I would recommend would be the third party rail kit from RackSolutions. The P/N is 2URAIL-IBM-345. This rail kit is extremely versatile and will work with most 4Post racks out on the market. This rail kit will give you full slide ability for your server and will work the cable management arm from IBM’s rail kit. This kit will mount into a rack with round holes, threaded holes and also square hole racks.

If you are not in need of a sliding rail kit, then you might be best suited using the fixed rail kit P/N 2UKIT-109. This will rack mount the server and maintain “U” Space, but you will lose slide ability. This kit will mount into a rack with round holes, threaded holes and square holes.

10 Responses to “Rack Mounting IBM x3650”

  1. Joe Hoggood Says:

    We have IBM x3650 servers and are missing the marketing PN 01R0640 strain reliefs (purple/plastic) on some machines. These are part of FRU 41Y8730. We don’t need to purchase the whole 41Y8730 just the 01R0640. Can you sell these 01R0640 or replacement?

  2. will Says:

    Unfortunately we do not resell or manufacture this product. We may have something that will work, give me a call and let’s discuss it.

    Will Beene

  3. Ann Says:

    Can x3650 server be mounted on a Dell rack?

  4. will Says:

    The IBM x3650 can easily be installed in a Dell Rack. The x3650 slide rails have a set of pegs that will securely hold the rail kit in the Dell Server Rack.

  5. Roger Pennington Says:

    I have been very pleased with the slide/rail kit from Rack Solutions for the IBM x3650.
    However, IBM changed the design in the “M2” series of the IBM x3650.
    Does Rack Solutions have a set of slides that are compatible with the new M2 series of servers?

  6. will Says:

    Not yet. If you are having issues with the M2 then we could definately work something out. Give me a call and let’s discuss it.

    Will Beene

  7. John Grant Says:

    Hi Will, I’m interested to know as well if RackSolutions.com has rail kits for the IBM x3650-M2’s.

  8. Kyle Says:

    I don’t see the BladeCenter Chassis’s listed in the list of IBM servers.

    Do you Have anythign for the BladeCenter E?

    I have 3 BC’s , and only 1.5 pairs of rails. My racks have the Square Holes.


  9. will Says:

    The IBM BladeCenter E can be mounted using our Heavy Duty Fixed Shelf, P/N:1USHL-116

  10. jtejeda Says:

    Hi Will,

    i have an issue with this server M2, it has a square that doesnt allow me to rack it into a rack with round holes, would you tell me how to rack the rails into the rack?, i’ve sent you an e-mail, too.