How to Rackmount a Dell Precision Workstation – T3400, T5400, & T7400

Dell Precision T3400 WorkstationThe Dell Precision Workstations can be rackmounted using several methods.  The T3400 and the T5400 can use a Tower to Rack Conversion Kit.  This kit allows the Workstations to be installed into most types of Server Racks.  This kit is not compatible with the T7400.  Additional  installation methods utilize rackmount shelves.  In order to choose the proper shelf you first must know the dimensions and weight of the equipment.

Model Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight
T3400 6.8″ x 17.6″ x 18.4″ 39lbs
T5400 6.73″ x 17.64″ 18.54″ 39lbs
T7400 8.5″ x 22.26″ x 22.3″ 55lbs

The opening of a Server Rack is 17.7″ wide.  The Dell Precision T3400 and the T5400 can both lay on their side however the Dell Precision T7400 would be too wide to lay on it’s side.  The T7400 can be installed in pairs on a shelf if it’s standing up.

There are two types of Shelves that can be used to install the Dell Precision Workstations.  The first type is a Fixed Shelf that will support up to 150lbs of equipment.  This shelf is an economical and versatile product that will install into any type of Server Rack.

The second type is a Sliding Shelf.  These shelves are purchased based on the weight they need to support.  The Dell Precision T3400 & the T5400 are both 39lbs which is within the weight limit of any of the Sliding Shelves.  The 45lb Capacity Sliding Shelf is the best choice for these workstations.  The Dell Precision T7400 has a large chassis and would require a 95lb Capacity Sliding Shelf.  The T7400 will have to stand upright on this shelf, however two of them can be installed on this product.  The Sliding Shelf has a front and rear equipment stop that secures the equipment.  For additional support especially if  installing the Precision T7400 in pairs there are nylon straps available that further secure the equipment.

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5 Responses to “How to Rackmount a Dell Precision Workstation – T3400, T5400, & T7400”

  1. Larry Solomon Says:

    what is the heat dissipation for Dell T3400 workstation?

  2. will Says:

    If the T3400 is using the 375W manual powersupply it will generate 1280 BTU/hr
    If the 575W wide range powersupply is used then it will generate 1790 BTU/hr

    These are maximum numbers, the actual heat generated will more than likely be less.

  3. Karen Palmieri Says:

    Are there any actual figures as to about how much less?
    I’m working with a room that will contain about 30 of these so even a 10% difference can be significant.

  4. Randy Says:

    I need to know the measurements for the holes on the slide brackets that mount the shelves to our existing server rack.
    To be precise, the distance between the screw holes on the front and rear where the shelf mounts to the rack.
    Our rack has 5/8″ distance holes.

  5. will Says:

    Randy if you could give me a call regardging this request. I’m not 100% certain what you need.

    Will Beene