Secure a Single Server in a Shared Rack

If you have sensitive data on a server that needs restricted access, one option is a Secure Server Unit. The Secure Server Unit, or SSU for short, allows you to lock a 1U or 2U server within a rack, preventing access to anyone who doesn’t have a key. The front and rear doors may both be locked to help thwart tampering of hard drives or ports.

Each SSU requires 2 keys and 2 locks (they come with the unit). The SSU is shown below, first as an empty unit mounted in a 4Post server rack, then with a 2U server installed.

Empty SSUSecure Server Unit

This Secure Server Unit requires a set of 2U Universal Rails to be installed along with the doors, lock assemblies and top cross bar. It takes up 3U of rack space, comes with all the required hardware, and it also includes zip tie mounts for securing cables in the rear. The

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