Server Rack Adapter Brackets

Server Rack Adapter Brackets

Question: My Server Rack has a 27″ mounting depth. The Dell PE1750 Rail Kit has a minimum mounting depth of 28 3/8″. Is it possible to install the PE1750 into my rack?

Answer: You will need a set of adapter brackets that will extend the mounting depth of your rack. These brackets are available in a variety of sizes or as a kit. If you are only 1 3/8″ from installing your Dell PE1750 Rails you will only require 2 small 2″ brackets. These brackets will extend your Server Rack mounting depth to 29″ which is within the mounting depth range of the Dell PE1750 Rail Kit.

PE1750 Installed in 27″ deep rack using a 1UBRK-200 Adapter Bracket.

2 Responses to “Server Rack Adapter Brackets”

  1. Dave Says:

    I have just purchased a rack mount dell server 1950 for my rack system. The rack manufacturer is Ortronics from back of the wall to front edge is 27 3/8 depth.
    What type of rail system can I get to extend the overall dept to the size of the 1950 & still have room for the wires in the back also behind the unit?
    I was wanting the pull out rail system also.
    Please help

  2. will Says:

    The Dell PE1950 Rail Kit has an installation depth range of: 26 5/16″ to 29 9/16″. The overall depth of the installation with the Cable Management Arm is 36 1/2″. Although your Ortronics rack is within this mounting depth range the CMA may cause an issue. By utilizing the adapter brackets you can move the mounting points of the rack forward. The 1U tall brackets that will work for you range in size from 2″ to 3 1/2″. You will need a 1950 Rail Ear kit for the front of your rails. The rotating assembly will cause an obstruction with the brackets on the front. Give me a call and lets discuss this.

    Will Beene