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4 Responses to “Server Racking Information”

  1. John Says:

    I’ve just browsed “The Server Rack FAQ” page and find it very
    interesting. Congratulations!

    May I suggest to include an entry for KVM switch in the Rack
    terminology section? Also, information about Dell’s “service tags” and
    how to get the server specs with them could be handy.

  2. mentalscout Says:

    Great website. I’m curious why there is no information on the HP DL160?

  3. Ron Rough Says:

    I need to find out if you have rack mount kit for a Dell Precision T5500 desktop system. Please let me know if
    you can help me. The dimensions of the Dell T5500:

    Desktop Orientation:
    Width: 17.64
    Highth: 6.73
    Depth: 18.54.

    Please contact me at:

  4. Ron Rough Says:

    Rack mount kit / shelf for a 19″ rack for a Dell Precision T5500:

    17.64 W
    6.73 H
    8.54 D

    Call Ron Rough, 661-276-7513