Define: Shoulder Screws & Nuts


Shoulder Screws & Nuts are a piece of hardware that Dell typically uses to attach the slide rail kits to the chassis. The shoulder of the hardware drops into a notch on the inner tract of the slide rail assembly. This makes the installation of the rails very fast and easy.

Dell Shoulder Nuts

The threads of the Shoulder Screws & Nuts are 10-32 (What does 10-32 mean?).  The Shoulder Screw is 7/16″ long. Dell Shoulder Screws & Nuts are proprietary hardware and cannot be purchased at a Hardware Store. However, using standard machine screws and washers it is possible to duplicate the method.

Shoulder Screw

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  1. chi Says:

    where can i find this one?

  2. will Says:

    This kit can be purchased on the following link: