SingleHop Opens Facility in Arizona

SingleHop, a prominent data center service supplier, has decided to open a new data center in Phoenix, Arizona.  The planned data center will be managed by IO.  IO is one of the foremost givers of cutting-edge modular facility technology and services.  The business currently is the only North American extension for SingleHop.  SingleHop can now give its consumers the choice to decide in which facility the client would prefer to house his hardware.

The new technology provided by IO gives the data center the ability to be able to hold up to 2,500 servers and equipment racks.  The data center gives the company’s clients the ability to link with SingleHop’s services using 40ms of latency. SingleHop’s platform continues to function using cutting-edge automation which helps raise user control in the modular facility.

The company which will manage the Arizona data center, IO, is a business which provides data center infrastructure to some of the biggest corporations worldwide.  The business maintains a large amount of facilities for consumers.  IO is also constructing the cloud of the future for its clients.  The company works hard to deliver the fastest service for its consumers worldwide.  The business was the creator of the premier facility operating system, IO.OS.  Its purpose was to give the maximum intelligent control required to have the most efficient resiliency and energy in data centers.  The company has a main location in Phoenix.

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SingleHop has customers in over one hundred different countries, has three major facilities, and controls more than ten thousand online servers.  The enterprise gives cutting-edge instant infrastructure services for end-user and re-sellers mainly under periodic contracts.  The company merges safety and ease in order to give solutions to a diverse set of corporations worldwide.  The business continues to be a prominent giver of remote administration and availability when personal devices are being used.


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