The Processor talks about Rack Solutions – Innovation meets Design

Texas-based manufacturer Rack Solutions has once again come up with an innovative rack design that will undoubtedly have an influence on the infrastructure of data centers. The company recently released what may be its most auspicious rack to date. The popRack provides a secure, selfcontained means to connect up to four tenants to their respective telecommunications
carriers. This cutting-edge enclosure protects the tenants’ infrastructures from unauthorized access by isolating each tenant’s distribution panels and cabling in a single compartment.
Clever Features:
Rack Solutions integrated this unique cabinet with a number of clever features, the most distinctive of which are the segregated cable channels (located in front and back) within each compartment that prevent access from any place else within the cabinet. The front channel’s function is to isolate the cables that connect the tenant to the respective carrier or carriers. The rear channel’s purpose is to isolate the cables that connect to the tenant’s network.
This cabinet was created specifically for use in Point of Presence (POP) rooms. These telecom connection areas, also
known as “meet me rooms” (MMRs) are prevalent in colocation centers, allowing companies such as AT&T, Sprint, Level 3, CenturyLink, or Inteliquent to physically connect to tenants providing transit service or Internet access.
Prior to the popRack, connecting a company with a telecom carrier typically required that an entire rack be dedicated
to one customer, and in most instances, this rack was significantly underutilized.
Because security is essential in a “meet me room” environment, an entire lockable cabinet, containing only a few distribution panels, devoted to a single client, certainly seems less than optimal. Given that data center floor space is
indispensable, such inefficiencies are difficult for data center managers to justify.
popRack designer Whit Wilson says the idea for the popRack originated the same way most of Rack Solutions’ new products do. “We had a customer who needed a custom solution to mitigate data center inefficiencies for a large-scale project. So we developed one.”
And like many of the rack manufacturer’s developments, it became a solution that is now being adopted by others in the data center space. “It’s just one of those things that users don’t realize they need until they see how well it’s working for someone else. Then naturally, they want it, too,” Wilson says.
Other Rack Specialties:
Rack Solutions has become most widely known for its four-post, open-frame racks available in heights from 24U to 58U. “The 58U is ideal for high-density deployments, including cloud and virtualization environments,” says Dennis Feeney, vice president of Rack Solutions. These open frame racks are very competitively priced, starting at
just $429.99. The company also makes 18U to 42U cabinet enclosures and mounting rails for servers and other equipment from all the leading OEMs. No matter what rack-based problems you may encounter, it’s likely that
Rack Solutions either has a product that will help, or its team can design and build one that will meet your needs and your budget. “I think the most noteworthy advantages that distinguish us from many other
rack companies are that we generate designs quickly, we produce mass volumes right here in our U.S. factory, and
we ship on time,” says Feeney. “We can handle lots of requests that others can’t or that wouldn’t make financial sense for them to even consider. We have the luxury of managing all aspects of the business from design to delivery.” Rack Solutions also manufactures rails, shelves, KVMs, two-post conversion products, and other items designed to resolve
issues and help companies overcome rackmounting obstacles.
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