Universal Rails may be the answer

What do you do when you need OEM replacement rails for your server or rackmount equipment, and they are no longer available? Or what happens when your OEM rails don”t fit in your new rack? In many cases, your best option is to purchase a set of Universal Rails.

Frequently, rails made by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) have gone “end of life” and you simply can”t get them from Dell, HP, IBM or Cisco anymore. Even more often, your equipment rails won”t mount in the rack in the new data center or data closet. Your old rack may have had round holes, and the new rack has square ones. Your old rack”s mounting depth may have been shorter than your new, deeper rack. Or maybe there”s an obstruction that”s preventing the rails from installing the way they”re supposed to in the new rack. Before you rip down one of your rack”s 6 foot power strips and begin wielding it like a samurai sword angrily searching for the person who got you into this mess, remember there may be a much more acceptable solution to your predicament. Universal Rails may be the answer. Universal Rack Rails are typically designed more simply in an effort to overcome the majority of rack mounting”s common inconsistencies. They are equipped to install in racks with square, round or threaded holes. Their mounting depth is more flexible, accommodating both deep and shallow racks. And their simple design allows them to avert those annoying obstructions that cause you to shake your fist towards the sky screaming “Why? Why!”

Universal Rails are readily available for 4 post and 2 post racks, and they oftentimes come in tool-less models as well. Frequently, you”ll find versions of Universal Rack Rails that support different U-heights and various weight capacities. Because the simple design doesn”t include rotating ears, ball-bearing slides, or other elaborate parts, Universal server rails are typically much less expensive than OEM replacement rails, offering another reason to consider them when you find yourself in need of new equipment rails for your rack equipment. On the bottom/left, you can see a 2U Universal Rail mounted in a 4 post rack. On the bottom/right is the same 2U Rail with a Dell server installed. See .

2U-universal-server-rack-rails2U universal server rack rails with server

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